The Velocity Landing Leg Drive

Wireless Remote Control Operation

Our innovative remote control operation allows you to raise and lower your landing legs wirelessly from inside the drivers cab!

Smart Electronic Control System

At the forefront of electronics, Velocity Drive’s state of the art hardware and programming combine to produce revolutionary efficiency. Military-grade electronic hardware absorbs all shock and dissipates heat; ensuring Velocity Drive’s electric landing legs can handle the toughest roads and thrive in the warmest temperatures.

Tested by aerospace engineers, we call this copyrighted system, SmartECS (Pronounced SmartEx). SmartECS monitors the ambient air temperature and adjusts the battery voltage accordingly to maximize the unit’s performance as well as battery life. The result? SmartECS doubles the life of the battery. Not only this, SmartECS Monitors the voltage enervating the unit and adjusts accordingly to accommodate either 12 or 24 voltage. Ensuring Velocity Drive’s electric landing legs can be used on any voltage worldwide.

Military-Grade Components

Velocity Drive is built to endure the toughest conditions integral parts of the Velocity Drive are built to comply with IP66 standards, ensuring Velocity Drive is entirely weatherproof. Our LM6 Grade Aluminum Alloy Casing is the very same utilised on offshore oilrigs, ensuring that no corrosion or intrusion will occur in the harshest weather conditions. Velocity Drive’s electric landing legs are built to thrive in the daily operations of the trailer. So wherever your trailer may go, in any conditions, you can count on Velocity Drive to be there.

Easy Operation

With absolutely no manual cranking required, Velocity Drive’s electric landing legs all but eliminate the potential repetitive stress injuries that occur from drivers constantly having to crank their landing legs up and down on a daily basis. Velocity Drive’s simple four-button control system makes raising and lowering your landing legs a breeze. Simply push down or up and Velocity Drive will have your legs raised or lowered in under a minute.

Proudly British Made and Tested

Proudly British made by our team of expert engineers, each Velocity Drive unit is stringently tested before leaving our facility. This state of the art functionality testing procedure has set a new precedence for quality in the industry, ensuring longevity and quality in each unit.

After Sales Service

Through our expertly trained worldwide distributor network we are able to provide the very best after sales service. This includes offering a one-year manufactures warranty on all products.