The Velocity Landing Leg Drive

Reduce Injuries

Manually cranking your trailers landing legs to lift a laden trailer, 1-inch in low gear takes approximately 30 cranks.

Velocity Drive all but eliminates the potential for repetitive stress injuries when raising and lowering landing legs. Ensuring that Driver’s stay fit and healthy.

Increase Efficiency

Your trailers aren’t making you money while they aren’t moving.

The average time to manually raise or lower a trailers landing leg system is 6 minutes.

With Velocity Drive, we will have you landing legs raised or lowered in under a minute. Ensuring that your trailer spends less time static, and more time moving and earning you money.

Increasing Landing Leg Lifespan

Through Velocity Drive’s revolutionary “Soft Start” technology, we have created a system that not only ensures superior landing leg speed and performance it also increases the lifespan of the landing legs.

Rather than initiating the lowering of the electric landing legs at 48rpm, Velocity Drive knows to start “Soft” and build it’s way to 48rpm. Ensuring that Velocity Drive not only offers optimal speed but also decreases the wear and tear on your landing legs.