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Industry parts supplier Jost Australia launch the Velocity Landing Leg Drive and Velocity Electronic Tarpaulin System at the Brisbane Truck Show in May.

Made from military-grade components, the British-designed and built leg drive aims to reduce driver stress injuries and boost unhitching and hitching efficiency.

Velocity says the leg drive will have the trailers legs down within a minute at 33rpm–48rpm, significantly less than the time taken to manually crank a trailer to a safe resting spot.

The hand assembled drive is controlled by a four-button layout on the device and features five operating modes: lowering and raising the trailer legs, lowering and lifting the trailer itself and standby mode.

For drivers who prefer to stay in the cab, Velocity Drive also has a wireless remote. 

"This will be a game changer for the automatic leg drives in Australia," Jost Australia managing director Ed Crowther says.

"Never has such advanced technology been implemented into the transport industry in such a simple way."

The unit is capable of running at either high or low gear, which can be altered by pulling or pushing the Velocity Drive towards or away from the trailer.

Made to IP66 standards, the drive is weatherproof and its SmartECS system measures the air temperature and adjusts the battery voltage to elongate battery life.

Jost will also be demonstrating the Velocity Electronic Tarpaulin System, a versatile tarp control solution based on similar technology to the leg drive.