Military Grade Design

Vibration tolerance

You need to be able to rely on your equipment to work as hard as you do, in any condition. Velocity Drive is built with vibration resistance, to ensure that the everyday wear and tear on the unit will never affect its functionality. There are some tough roads out there; Velocity Drive will be with you every step of the way.

Water and dust resistance

Rain, Hail or Shine. Flood, Sandstorm or Blizzard. We take ingress protection seriously at Velocity Drive. That’s why all Velocity Drive’s components are chosen to comply with ingress protection 66 (IP66) standard. Ensuring Velocity Drive never let’s you down, especially when you need it most.

High-grade materials

Consistency and durability go hand in hand. Neither of these qualities is possible without premium components. Utilising our military-grade supply network we have sourced only the very best components to ensure that Velocity Drive delivers consistency and durability at all times.